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Why Ezybonds

Pacific Property Sales is proud and excited to have secure the Ezybonds payment system for our clients and affiliates.                                      

We have spent considerable time examining payment systems around the globe    and we are confident we have found the most efficient and economical system available for our valued Clientele.  

Ezybonds is a global payment system that will benefit our Clientele in numerous ways; 

Payments are completed instantaneously and withdrawing funds is simplicity itself. 

As markets, members, businesses and people in general move towards the internet, the methods of communication and more importantly the safe and secure transference of funds must reflect the demands and needs of the worldwide community. 

Pacific Property Sales welcomes you to this revolutionary payment system and suggests you open your FREE Ezyaccount by clicking the “Join Ezybonds” tab below now. 

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Please take the time to explore the other information about Ezybonds payment system and the Ezycash prepaid Mastercard cards that are also available. 

If you have any queries about the Ezybonds system please contact Pacific Property Sales director: Andrew Dykes +61 (0) 419 710 577 or email 

For further information you can also go to:

Ezybonds Overview